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Hex Head
Hex Head
Drill their own hole and tap their own thread. self-drilling screws are specifically developed for various applications. They provide high pullout strength, shear strength and maximum thread engagement and positive fastening in both structural steel and timber constructions.

No.10 4.8 mm x 16 mm
4.8 mm x 20 mm
4.8 mm x 25 mm
No.12 5.5 mm x 20 mm
5.5 mm x 25 mm
5.5 mm x 35 mm
5.5 mm x 45 mm
5.5 mm x 55 mm
5.5 mm x 65 mm
5.5 mm x 75 mm
5.5 mm x 90 mm
5.5 mm x 125 mm
5.5 mm x 150 mm
No.14 6.3 mm x 25 mm
6.3 mm x 38 mm
6.3 mm x 50 mm
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